Scratch Lab #8

Name: Matthew Moorehead

Date: Novemeber 12th, 2015

Period: 7

Assignment: Lab #7

Lab Overview-Problem 1a and 1b

For problems 1a and 1b, we used finches and programmed these finches to do certain things. It already had many blocks programmed into it. Then for the lab we had to create a bunch of blocks which commands the finch to move in a certain direction. We also made a block which was called "blocked" which made it so that the finch would stop moving if an object was blocked by an object. For 1b we had to solve various probelms. To make a square with the finch, we made the finch move a cerain number of steps up, down, right, and left. We also had to test and see which number of steps would work to make the finch move in a 90 degree angle. Then, the second problem asked us say something when in a certain orientation. So, we used an if statement for each orientation and made it say something specific in that orientation. We did this for each of the orientations and put it on a forever loop. The 3rd problem was to have the finch move until it detects an obstacle. We used the blocks finch left obstacle and finch right obstacle to stop the finch from moving. The final question asked us to make a figure eight with the finch. We just changed how many steps it moved until it made a figure eight.

Lab Overview- Problem 2

To make the calculator, I first made the calculator add, subtract, multiply and divide. To do this, we made blocks for each off these math properties and defined them by making a variable answer and setting it to whatever the command was. So for addition we put the answer as the inputs number 1 plus input number 2 as the answer. We also made the calculator do exponents and factorials. We used variables like temporary answer and used the math equations to make it find the right answer. We also made an if then statement and put all of the different possibilities that the user provided in it to answer the question.

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