Bay Area Sports Website

Entry #1- October 2, 2015

i.Google 20 is a project to allow to the students to make a project using one day of the week. This project can be any type of project and is supposed to be creative.

ii.My goal for Google 20 is to make a website where fans of Bay Area Sports are able to see their team's stats and rosters and also see current news of these teams. I really would like to make a friendly environment where people can also ask questions or post opinions which they have about these teams. It will be a website which will give optimistic views about the teams in the Bay Area. It also will be a place where users can see visuals of the teams by posting images. I will try to make it as professional and reliable for proving acurrate information.

iii.I chose this project to do because I have a deep passion for Bay Area Sports teams and I also love to talk to other people in my community about sports. I really want this to be a place where people are able to come together that are from the Bay Area or live in the Bay Area and allow them to interact with others.

iv.I hope to learn to computer website design tools including excel and Javascript. These tools will allow me to make the website more professional as well as provide tools to compare data with.

a. In order to accomplish my project, I will need to learn more complex tools of computer design. As I mentioned before, I will use Excel and Javascript and also, if I need to, learn other new programs.

b.I need to know this information so that my website can be more professional, visually appealing, and also show the credibility that I have with website design.

c. I will learn this information from using resources on the internet such as Youtube videos, website tutorial websites, and Codecademy to learn these new resources. This will help me understand the programs through visualization.

d. I am anticipating that following some of the more challenging tutorials will be more diffivult on my project. Also, keeping the website modern will have to make me work efficiently.

Entry #2- October 9, 2015

For this week, I created my website on neocities. After this, I started by looking up tutorials on how to make a navigation bar for my website. I am trying for the navigation bar to be easy and simple to access while still maintaining a nice design. I found tutorials on drop down bar menus which look really nice. I began the tutorial on a new brackets file and am using this file to practice and learn from my progress. I finished the html part of the code and am working on the stylesheet for it. Next week I am looking forward to building the style sheet and hopefully adding it to neocities so that my website can make its first progression. I am going to try and watch videos for other ways to make my website more creative.

Entry #3- October 16, 2015

This week I found various tutorials for creating a drop down menu for my website. I am in the progress of making it, but I already have the basic design of the navigation bar. I will try to integrate a unique design to the navigation bar while still maintaining its simplicity. As of now I am thinking of having 4 sports on the navigation bar: football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. These sports are the ones that I know the most on and each of these sports has at least one team in the Bay Area. Under each of these sections will be subsections where the navbar drops down to for the various teams that are in the Bay Area. I'm still figuring out if I should include college teams in it, but for now it will only be pro teams so that I can have enough time to make sure the website is updated regularly. Next week, I will try to make sure the navigation bar is perfect, add a background to the website, and make it ready for sports content to be added.

Entry #4- October 23, 2015

For this week I worked more on the tutorial for the navigation bar. I wasn't able to figure out one part of the tutorial because it wasn't working so I will try to finish it next week. I also started to work on the background image for my website. I began using Photoshop to add 4 different players from the 4 sports that I am including on my website. I found a tutorial for a cool effect on the players. I hope to finish this picture by next week and add it onto the website. Then, I need to learn how to add it to the background. So for next week I hope to finish the Photoshop picture and also finish the navigation bar so I can add sports information onto the website.

Entry #5- October 30, 2015

I finally was able to complete the navigation bar and make it work. The only thing that isn't completely finished with it is the location because the navigation bar is centered to the left, not the entire top page. Now I can refine it to make it perfect. Then, after I finished that, I finished my background picture for the website in Photoshop. It includes players from each of the sports I am doing on the website and has the the golden gate bridge behind the players. I used filters for each picture. For next week, I hope to fix the placement of the navigation bar, add the Photoshop background onto the website, and then work on the homepage of the website.

Entry #6- December 4, 2015

I was able to insert the picture that I designed as my background image. It took awhile to figure out how to upload the image, but I figured out that it was because I had to say which folder the picture was in. After this, I fixed my navigation bar to make it go more towards the location that I want it in the screen. It was working on my brackets project, but when I uploaded it onto the neocities website it didn't seem to work. So then, I looked up tutorials on how to insert single images to the website. Next week I will begin each of the individual pages of the website, by putting things such as rosters, picturea of players, and other basic information into the website. I will also try to fix the navigation bar's location so that it works on neocities.

Entry #7- December 11, 2015

For this week, I was able to figure out how to add individual pictures into the website. Now I can use Photoshop and edit pictures of individual players or teams within each webpage. I am going to actually change the website's purpose a little more towards Photoshop, since I have been learning more info on tutorials and I think I would be better at that then writing current news stories on the teams. I also still had trouble fixing the navigation bar's location, as it still seems to work on brackets but not on Neocities. Then, I worked on Photoshop on individual pictures of players and teams to add onto their webpage.

Entry #8- December 18, 2015 (but done over the break since we were working on final projects)

Since in class we worked on final projects, I decided I am going to work over the Winter Break on having a few players for each team Photoshopped so that I will have a mix of photoshops for each team on the website. During the week before break, I found tools like the clone tool as well hue and saturation on tutorials online which helped to create some cool effects. Also, I used some of the filters that are on Photoshop. I will use these along with many other of the tools found in Photoshop. Then, I will upload the rosters of the teams.

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